Dacia Paige – Bride

"Lori with Bellas Wedding Planning is an out of this world AMAZING wedding planner! Our destination wedding at Sandals Negril Resort Beach & Spa was nothing short of amazing all thanks to Lori. From the small details to the big things, she was always there to help. 
Getting into contact with Lori was always easy, whether it be through email or by phone she was able to answer our questions, no matter how many times a day we would contact her. 
We had a pretty large wedding group and she was able to assist us in coordinating all of the flights to and from Jamaica. 
Lori communicated with the Resort exactly what we wanted for our rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception. We were even super blessed to have her on site the day of the wedding! Here are some super helpful things she did on the day of the wedding:
•Steamed my wedding dress
•Helped me get into my wedding dress
•Made sure I ate before the ceremony
•Delivered the boutonnieres to the guys
•Made sure everyone was in place & ready to go! 
The list goes on! Not to mention all of the things she did for us leading up to our big day! We were so grateful for her services and we would recommend any and every couple who is looking for an amazing wedding planner that will get things done and done the way you want! :) 

Thanks again for everything Lori!!! 

Susan Jones – Mother of the Bride

"Lori was absolutely fabulous. Every single detail was managed with the utmost care. It was a pleasure to work with someone who was attentive, professional and dedicated to making sure everything leading up to the special day was smooth which resulted in a beautiful wedding day. Thank you a million times."

Terri Paige – Mother of the Groom

"Lori was AWESOME!! This was our first destination wedding (our son got married). Her professionalism was outstanding. 

Questions, concerns, she had the answers and if not, she made sure she got the answer. People are still talking about the wedding, how beautiful it was. My son, my daughter in law, my husband and I, wedding party and quests loves Lori. She's a honorary member of the family. 

One of my favorite thing about Lori, she didn't treat us like clients, but like family. We will be using her service again!

She will be there until the end and then some!

Danielle - God Sister of the Groom

"Lori from Bellas Wedding Planners was absolutely amazing!! My god-brother and his fiancé wanted to plan a destination wedding in a little less than a year and by golly they did it. They had ideas of what they wanted but had never planned a wedding themselves before and didn't really know where to start or what to expect. They were planning for about 40 wedding guests, which is a larger party for a destination wedding. 

Lori was there with them for EVERY SINGLE STEP of the way. Our family is very close and therefore very involved. My godfather knows Lori from work and that is how we found her. Lori endured MANY family conference calls with us and the future newlyweds. We are definitely an opinionated bunch but she fit right in and answered our endless questions with patience and understanding. 

Since Bellas works with the Sandals and Beaches resorts the first question was "Where do they want to get married?" Our family was a little apprehensive about planning a destination wedding from Maryland but Lori assured us that as long as they stayed on scheduled and followed her steps that everything would come together smoothly. The couple knew from the beginning they wanted a destination wedding but were open to locations. Since the wedding was going to be in less than a year they didn't want to financially burden their guests, so Lori laid out the options and the pros and cons of each resort and destination. The couple decided that Sandals Negril would be where they tied the knot. 

The next step was "when?". The couple was very particular about the date they were to be married and changing the date was not an option. As soon as the destination was chosen Lori immediately reached out to Sandals Negril to secure their desired day.

The next step I think was the hardest step for the team/family. We had to get the word out to all of the guests quickly and needed to encourage them to put down some form of a deposit as soon as possible to secure a room. Getting 40 people from of different ages, families, and financial situations to get on the same page was a challenge for sure but Lori kept her cool (and kept us cool too). She told us that all the guests were to call her directly. She would explain the process to each guest and would stay in touch with them as soon as they reached out to her. She would keep track of who paid what amount and how much they had paid along the way. When the time got closer to the deadline for full payment she would reach out for a reminder and start sending out packets with even more information! Now, I helped my god-brother and his fiancé with some of the planning (I am by no means a pro but I do enjoy event planning). You guys I am a little OCD and love organization. All of that to say, Lori created the most beautiful excel document of who had called, their information, their payment plan, their room type, etcetera. It was amazing. She was so organized!! 

The next steps for the couple were to decide the decor, the location of the ceremony, the menus, and other fun stuff. This was hard for them at times to make decisions from pictures and videos on the internet but Lori assured them that if they needed to change their minds they could at any point. They had conference calls with a Sandals Negril wedding coordinator and Lori to discuss in further detail how they wanted their big day to go. Lori would step in a liaison when necessary and gave awesome alternatives that were more cost effective for a young couple planning their big day. She had their wallet in mind the entire time and never once tried to push ideas on them that she knew wouldn't be cost effective. You could tell from Day 1 that her goal was to help them in any way she could to plan a wedding that would leave them overjoyed and able to plan a future together. 

Lori was available to us almost 24/7. If you called, texted, or emailed her in the middle of the night she replied just as pleasant as if you called her in the middle of the work day. If she didn't answer you immediately you were sure to get a response within 24 hours. 

There were two situations that stood out most to me while Lori worked with our families on planning the most special day for my god-brother and his bride. The first was Lori had planned on being at Sandals Negril for personal reasons and assured us that since she would be there she would be working with us on property too. Later in the planning process, her personal plans fell through but she made sure that she would still be there (IN JAMAICA) as she promised to be with the couple for their big day. The second situation was our family had planned on paying for the couple to have a special suite for their big day. They were paying for most of the wedding and their honeymoon and we wanted to give them something special from the family. The catch was we didn't want them to know about it until right before we headed to Jamaica. This meant that while planning a wedding Lori had to keep a secret for almost a year. This included creating altered documents (so the couple couldn't see the room type or costs of the suite we chose for them versus the one they thought they were getting), trying to deter the groom from upgrading his room, and so much more. We literally created extra work for her and she never complained once. She even helped us decide how we would tell them and what excuses we could come up with. 

All in all, Lori was the best! There is no way that we could've pulled any of this off without her. She fit in well with our crazy family unit and we truly consider her family! She even came to the wedding reception we had back in Maryland. She went the extra mile and made everyone feel at ease and stress-free while planning this wedding. 

If you are planning an event I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lori from Bellas Wedding Planners. "

Toni Clark – Pastor’s Wife & Wedding Guest

"Fantastic overall experience! Initial contact with Bellas Wedding Planners was over the phone with Lori. I am not a lover of doing business over the phone, but let me tell you, it only took a few minutes of conversation for me to feel totally at ease! We were laughing and chatting; it was like speaking to one of my best girlfriends! Another plus was the knowledge Lori already had of the wedding destination. We knew what to expect and how to better plan for our trip. Her description of the resort itself was so good it gave me a visual before we even arrived, and it was even better than I visualized once we got there. The planning process itself was smooth and seamless with plenty of contact and reminders, nothing fell through the cracks."

Lori J. - God Mother of the Groom

Lori, you are incredible (I'm sure it's in the name)!!!!  I must tell you that my expectations would never have allowed me to imagine how well you would execute your role as wedding planner.  Your friendly, calm, and confident manner put us at ease immediately, just knowing all that would be required to make this wedding a success.  You made it very easy for us to tell you what we needed and know it would get done.  Your attention to detail, organization, and patience were phenomenal and necessary as you, not only assisted in planning a wedding, but became the point of contact for the international travel for the entire wedding party and guests.  One thing that I absolutely loved, was your availability to us, for the big and small questions, no matter what time of day or night.  Thank you for making my godson and his bride feel like a king and queen in a faraway paradise!  Everything was beautiful!

A Fall Wedding In Cape May, New Jersey

My wife June and I used Lori Wright Washington of Bella's wedding planners. If I didn't have Lori to help with the wedding I would have literally lost my mind. We had many unforeseen projects to attend to at the same time as the wedding. Lori knew that we were very stressed and it wasn't just planning the wedding. Lori took care of every request over and above the wedding check list. There wasn't any request that she didn't undertake. Nothing was too small or too large. Her reply was let me take care of it, or let me find out. 

We had a destination wedding in Cape May, NJ. Lori took care of our rehearsal dinner, making sure our out of town guests had accommodations as well as all the details of our wedding day. She took care of items planned and last minute requests. One last minute request was to place bottles of Prosecco with thank you notes in the rooms of our out of town guests and it was taken care of without hesitation. She included ribbons on the bottles and made sure they were either in our guests rooms upon arrival (if the hotel allowed) or delivered to the room after check in. 

We couldn't have picked a better wedding planner. She gave us nudges if needed and encouraged us to reign it in if necessary. We felt comfortable and confident with her expertise. I wish I had Lori to take care of all my plans. Life would certainly be easier. Her assistant Makaya was very sweet also. Thanks again, Lori for everything. We couldn't have done it without you. Well we could have but we wouldn't want to! We would recommend Lori to ALL couples who want the wedding of their dreams, so that it doesn't turn into a nightmare! 

Deb Francesco & June Masarone

Uncle of Groom at Destination Wedding

I am glad to register my complete satisfaction with the services you extended to us recently.

Even though we were "bit players" in the overall scheme of your planning the destination wedding, you took our travel issues seriously, mainly as they related to us making our return flight on time, seeing as we booked the flight from Dallas and the cruise ended in Galveston over a major holiday. I know that "little" challenge necessitated some research on your part.

From our observation at the wedding itself, you always seemed quite alert, anticipating and handling, in a quiet, unobtrusive manner, anything that may have come up. As a result, all seemed to go very smoothly. The food served at the reception hit just the right note. Also, the tight schedule for wedding day seemed to go quite smoothly and we know much of that was seen to by you.

Would use your expert services again without hesitation.

Sincerely,  Victor Paddock

Our destination wedding in the Cayman Islands

When my fiancé (now wife) and I became engaged, we realized it would be a most daunting ask to plan our wedding. Then we were referred to Lori at Bellas Wedding Planners. Within moments of our first conversation with her, my fiancé and I were able to breath a sigh of relief.  Lori reassured us from the get-go that we would retain decision making responsibilities, so it would be exactly what we wanted, but at the same time we didn't have to stress about every detail on the path to achieving our perfect wedding day.

Having chosen a destination wedding, we needed the professional expertise that Lori provided to negotiate the venue's services, decorations, menus, etc.  She was even able to offer extensive travel coordination for the wedding party, family, as well as all of our guests.

Our special day was beyond exceptional and memorable, largely in part due to Lori's professionalism and expertise as a wedding planner.  There wasn't even a question, we couldn't have pulled-off such an amazing destination wedding without Lori and Bellas Wedding Planners.  She literally delivered our perfect day... and we will be forever grateful to her for that. 

Notable qualities of Lori's services as a wedding planner:

  1. -Listened and understood our wishes
  2. -Provided detailed and clear communication
  3. -Offered sound advice, including wedding do's and don't's
  4. -Very accommodating
  5. -Hard working, going above and beyond
  6. -Handled every detail meticulously
  7. -Provided reassurance throughout, putting our minds at ease 
  8. -Made certain we were able to take in and enjoy every moment of our day

Lori is a true professional in the art of wedding planning. We highly recommend Bellas Wedding Planners for your special day.

Elana and Dan Paddock

Our Daughter's Destination Wedding in the Cayman Islands

Lori, you were fabulous!

As a  clergyman I have assisted and participated in hundreds of weddings. Never have I witnessed one that was run as smoothly, as effortlessly and as perfectly as my daughter's wedding. It was a destination wedding in the Cayman Islands and I needn't tell you how complicated and unpredictable it could have been. The complexity of bringing all the varied details together in a harmonious and balanced whole would have stymied even the most astute organizer. But you Lori, dealt with every problem and issue with unparalleled skill, patience and professionalism. Thanks to your innate wisdom, talent and experience our wedding was picture perfect. What a treasure of precious memories you created for us.


Sidney and Vivian Zimelman

Guest at Wedding in the Cayman Islands

Thanks again for assisting us to book the right stateroom and to get our cruise reservation finalized. Also, directing us to the closest airport and the best airline was very helpful!
Marc G

Brother-in-Law of Bride

Cruise & Destination Wedding - Cayman Islands


Wedding at Beaches Turks & Caicos

Hi Lori,
Everything was great, despite the humidity!  We were upgraded to the Italian Village in a larger room.  Everything went smooth for us.

Sylvia King, Step-Mom of the Bride

Wedding Destination - Beaches Turks & Caicos

My Niece's Wedding

Hi Lori,

We had a fabulous vacation, the wedding was very fun and I think everyone enjoyed Beaches. I thank you for all your help in making this a great adventure for everyone.

Janice Zilko, Aunt of the Bride

Wedding Destination - Beaches Turks & Caicos


My Son's Wedding

Hi Lori ,

Thank you for everything. I will contact you in the future when we plan
another trip, and I will recommend you to all of my family and friends.  

Thank you so much :) Lisa , Jeff, Austin, & Gabriella

Lisa Needs, Mother of Groom
Wedding Destination - Beaches Turks & Caicos