Uncle of Groom at Destination Wedding

I am glad to register my complete satisfaction with the services you extended to us recently.

Even though we were "bit players" in the overall scheme of your planning the destination wedding, you took our travel issues seriously, mainly as they related to us making our return flight on time, seeing as we booked the flight from Dallas and the cruise ended in Galveston over a major holiday. I know that "little" challenge necessitated some research on your part.

From our observation at the wedding itself, you always seemed quite alert, anticipating and handling, in a quiet, unobtrusive manner, anything that may have come up. As a result, all seemed to go very smoothly. The food served at the reception hit just the right note. Also, the tight schedule for wedding day seemed to go quite smoothly and we know much of that was seen to by you.

Would use your expert services again without hesitation.

Sincerely,  Victor Paddock