Lori J. - God Mother of the Groom

Lori, you are incredible (I'm sure it's in the name)!!!!  I must tell you that my expectations would never have allowed me to imagine how well you would execute your role as wedding planner.  Your friendly, calm, and confident manner put us at ease immediately, just knowing all that would be required to make this wedding a success.  You made it very easy for us to tell you what we needed and know it would get done.  Your attention to detail, organization, and patience were phenomenal and necessary as you, not only assisted in planning a wedding, but became the point of contact for the international travel for the entire wedding party and guests.  One thing that I absolutely loved, was your availability to us, for the big and small questions, no matter what time of day or night.  Thank you for making my godson and his bride feel like a king and queen in a faraway paradise!  Everything was beautiful!